Custom metric collection
with powerful charting.

Track signups, response times, MRR, or anything else - and visualize your data on a beautiful dashboard.

No credit card required. Free tier available.
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It's super easy to send us your events.
Here are some examples:

Get started with something as simple as opening a link, or use our client libraries with batching support.


Simple, transparent pricing. All features included in all plans.
Just pay for the events and metrics.

Events / Day Total Metrics Price / Mo
10,000 5 Free Get Started
  • On all plans:
  • Full Data Retention
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Public Dashboards
  • Email Reports
  • Cancel Anytime
1,000,000 50 $19
25,000,000 500 $49
50,000,000 5,000 $99
250,000,000 10,000 $299
500,000,000 15,000 $499

Packed with powerful features

Everything you need to collect and visualize your metrics.

Simple API

Our API is simple to use and learn and also super fast.

Custom Dashboards

Organize your metrics into custom dashboards with a beautiful TV mode.

Metric Dimensions

Send additional data to analyze differences between categories.

Client Libraries

Directly integrate with NodeJS and Go with our simple and powerful libraries.


Compare any metrics with a few clicks directly in your metric view.

Minute Resolution

All data is stored and can be accessed at a one minute resolution.

Full Retention

We keep your data at 1-Min resolution for as long as you are a customer.

Near Real-time

It takes about 10-60 seconds for new data to show up in your dashboard.

Team Access

Invite your team to share your beautiful dashboards.

Blazing Fast

We took special care to make all your data loads as quickly as possible.

Beautiful Charts

Data doesn't have to look boring, so we made it pretty.

Darkmode 🌚

Looks amazing in TV mode to show off your charts.

Once you're tracking, you'll wish you've started sooner.

Get started for free with 10,000 events per day.